About Me


Welcome to my e-portfolio! This platform will give you a taste of the work I have been doing as a journalism student at Southern Methodist University. My work has been published in our student-run campus publication called SMU Look. In May, I will graduate with a BA in brand management and a minor in journalism. I have worked at quite a few places during my time at SMU and interning at D Magazine as a digital media strategist was one of my favorites. During my time at SMU, I have been able to sharpen my multimedia storytelling skills through classes including Basic Video and Audio Production, News Reporting, Fashion Journalism, Communication Law, and Digital Journalism. I have experience shooting with a Sony NX5U HD camera and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie. My distinct writing voice is approachable yet playful. I enjoy reporting on local people and events, as well as the latest health and beauty trends. My e-portfolio features some of my writing and multimedia storytelling samples. Check me out on Twitter to see my engaged journalism. Happy browsing!